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Stockton's Self-Proclaimed Batman Takes Crime Into His Own Hands

STOCKTON (CBS13) - A civilian superhero of sorts in Stockton is at it again. He calls himself Stockton's Batman.

He's a father of two and a local business owner. The latest citizen's arrest was caught on camera.

The video shows the vigilante detaining a man he claims is smoking crystal meth, outside a busy 99 Cents Only Store.

Stockton's Batman won't use his real name or show his face. But told CBS13, that he's nabbed hundreds of alleged criminals at the same Stockton Shopping Center.

"They're criminals in to which point they're committing crimes in front of my eyes," he said.

Stockton Police said the man in the video wasn't arrested or even cited.

But Batman said many of the bad guys he goes after do end up behind bars.

He recently started letting his wife capture cell phone video of the incidents which are now documented on his Facebook page.

The incidents range from a suspected arsonist, with a document of the charges filed against her, to suspected shoplifters at the same 99 Cent store he frequents, with his own small children.

"I grew up in Stockton and things weren't always this bad when I was a child. I can run around and play," he said.

He says he's making the community safer. And to many in Stockton, it's welcome.

"He's doing a pretty good service for us he's you know getting em where the police aren't," a witness said.

"That's pretty cool anything to get more crime stopped in Stockton," said another Stockton resident.

Stockton Police say a citizen's arrest is perfectly legal in California.

And pictures prove, police do show up for back-up, but not everyone's buying it.

"How do we know it's legit anyway?" one woman said.

It's a question, only he can answer.

"I am the real Batman," he said.

Police warned that while what he's doing is legal, they don't advise it and prefer people call 911 instead of fighting back.

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