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Stephon Clark Shooting Takes Center Stage At Sacramento City Council Meeting

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Dozens of people sounded off at Sacramento City Hall Tuesday night during the regular council meeting, nearly all of the speakers using the public comment portion of the meeting to talk about the police shooting death of Stephon Clark.

There was emotion on both sides of the podium. Some council members became visibly upset while listening to comments from the crowd. Tears and a range of emotions flowed from each speaker.

"Say his name," said one speaker, "Stephon Clark," said the crowd.

More than three weeks after 22-year-old Stephon Clark was shot and killed by police, people made their voices heard.

"I know the feeling. I know the feeling of having your own people gone," said a 14-year-old speaker.

"No citizen with just that information should warrant having a helicopter go out and flown above their neighborhood," said Victor Brazelton.

Some people told stories of how police have impacted their lives. Others, recited poetry.

"How many times I gotta hear a crying momma sound," said Dante Palayo, reading an original poem.

Nearly all speakers called for action from the city council.

"Can we convict these killer cops," continued Palayo.

Many comments pointed at Mayor Darrell Steinberg who said the meeting was painful on many levels.

"Painful because people spoke from their hearts. And they expressed themselves. And our job was to listen," said Steinberg.

It was a much different scene compared to last week when the meeting was canceled after chanting and disruptions broke out.

On Tuesday, there was order and an open microphone.

Speakers were calling for reforms of the police officer bill of rights, council members to rescind their support of the district attorney, and for charges to be brought against the two officers who shot Stephon Clark.

"It's sad to me to have a mayor that every time we come here, you turn your back on this city," said an emotional Sonia Lewis.

She is a relative of Stephon Clark.

The mayor says the council will hold a public workshop next week to go over the concerns and suggestions that were presented at Tuesday's meeting.

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