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Monday's Protest Arrests Add To Anger, Chaos At Sacramento City Council Meeting

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Chaos broke out during the Sacramento City Council meeting and stalled public comment after a speaker jumped on the podium.

Tensions are high across the city following the DA's decision not to file charges against officers in the shooting death of 22-year-old Stephon Clark and Monday night's protest that led to the arrest of 84 people.

"Say his name! Say his name!" people chanted as the banged on the windows at city hall. Tempers exploded after an hour into a public comment from crowds watching from the outside and on speaker yelling on the inside.

"They don't give an **expletive"" about Stephon Clark," said one man who then jumped onto the podium and was pulled down by a room full of Sacramento Police.

The interruption stopped the city council meeting and the Mayor called a brief recess with many wondering if the council would reconvene.

"Give everybody an opportunity to talk. Sit down man sit down," one man said while trying to control a crowd that was extremely upset.

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Dozens of speakers were all sending a similar message, angry over the arrests of 84 people during Monday's East Sacramento protests.

"We should not live in fear over the people protecting us," one woman said.

They believe law enforcement failed them.

"They behaved in ways last night only to be described as monstrous," another woman said.

During the meeting, Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hann addressed the council about the actions of his officers, saying that body camera footage will paint a clearer picture.

"I'd be happy to come back in a couple of weeks and give you the update on the facts that are revealed, but I would be a little remiss if I tried to say what the facts are right now," Hahn said.

Police say cars were vandalized and ordered protesters to disperse and after what officials say was two hours they began making arrests.

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Community members at city council say it was unjust and want leaders to hear them loud and clear.

"One piece of your community is afraid then the entire community falters. you cannot allow one group of people to be harmed and allow that to stand. How can you not care about people? I don't understand," said another speaker.

In total, the city council listened to nearly four hours of public comment and what was on the agenda was pushed to another day.

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