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Coroner: Stephon Clark Shot 7 Times, Not 8 As Previously Claimed

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The Sacramento Police Department released Stephon Clark's official autopsy results and it shows Clark was shot 7 times by officers, not 8 as stated in a private autopsy report.

The big differences between the report are the county saying Clark was shot seven times, not eight, with three fired into his back, not six. The toxicology report also revealed positive test results for cocaine, marijuana and codeine in his system. The levels of the drugs did not indicate intoxication at the time.

The official autopsy was conducted by Dr. Keng-Chin Su and reviewed by 4 other pathologists.

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"We felt it was very important to continue being open and transparent and demonstrating that with the release of this report," said Sacramento Police spokesman Eddie Macalay.

The report states Clark was shot 7 times- once in the left thigh, 3 times in the side and 3 times in the back. The private autopsy done at the request of the Clark family, and performed by Dr. Bennet Omalu, stated Clark was shot 8 times- with 7 of those shots hitting him from behind.

Dr. Gregory Reiber, who did an independent review of the Sacramento County Coroner's autopsy, wrote:

It is clear from review of the written report and photographic documentation that Stephon Clark was struck by seven bullets, not by eight as claimed by Dr. Omalu in his press conference statements and as shown on his autopsy diagram. It is obvious that the exit of gunshot wound #5 (Dr. Su's report) was mistaken for an entrance wound on the left side of the chest (Dr. Omalu's diagram). This is a significant error, as it leads to incorrect conclusions regarding the relative positions of the victim and shooters during the event.

Dr. Reiber also concluded, "The predominant right-to-left angle of wounds 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6, along with the slight front-to-back angle of wound 1, do not support the assertion that Clark was shot primarily from behind as asserted by Omalu in his press conference statements."

His opinion goes on the say 2 of the gunshot wounds are "clearly lethal shots." In his news conference, Dr. Omalu stated a majority of the shots that hit Clark were lethal. Dr. Reiber writes, "the possibility of wounds 2 and 3 (right shoulder/arm, upper back) being lethal injuries, as described by Omalu in press conference statements, cannot be supported by the available documentation. The lethal potential of both wounds appears very low."

The autopsy report also contained the toxicology results. The results from the Laboratory of Forensic Services show Clark tested positive for ethanol (0.08%), cocaine metabolite, cannabinoids, codeine, alprazolam and etizolam in his blood and codeine and hydrocdone in his urine. The results from NMS Labs show Clark tested positive for ethanol (0.09%), cannabinoids, codeine, alprazolam, etizolam, nicotine, hydrocodone and promethazine in his blood.

Clark was shot and killed by Sacramento Police on March 18. A cell phone was found nearby but not a weapon.

The Sacramento District Attorney said she has yet to receive the Sacramento Police Department's final report on the shooting; therefore, she can not make a decision yet on whether or not to file charges. The California Attorney General will also conduct an independent review of the case.

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