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'The Virus Is Spreading Out Of Control': California State Senator Calls For Return Of Strict Stay-At-Home Order

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It's a new call to close most of the California economy back down to all but essential businesses, in the battle against the coronavirus.

California State Senator Steve Glazer (D-Contra Costa) is now calling on the governor to issue hard new regulations for the state to shelter in place again.

"The fact of the matter is the virus is spreading out of control," Glazer said. "If you have cancer in your body you're not putting a band-aid on a pinky finger to try to solve it. It's tough medicine."

Glazer's plan is to reinstate a stay-at-home order that would only allow essential work and trips for food and health care. He wants enforcement to increase for violators of public health orders.

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"Yes, they should be fined and there should be prosecutions," Glazer said.

The proposal adds a new sense of urgency to a crisis that's become all-encompassing, and maybe even comfortable.

"I think I used to be more fearful before when it all was more of a new thing, but now I guess I'm just hopeful," Sacramento resident McKenna Smith said.

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Governor Gavin Newsom's office responded to Glazer's plan with a statement from the Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Mark Ghaly reading: "From the outset, we envisioned reopening the economy as a dimmer switch, where we toggle modifications and closures up and down to avoid large-scale surges..."

"We have to take the tough medicine," Glazer said.

Sen. Glazer says he's not criticizing Gov. Newsom. He's only prodding him to take stricter measures.

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