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State Officials Receive 2 Percent Raise From California Citizens Compensation Commission

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A citizens' commission on Friday approved 2 percent cost-of-living salary increases for lawmakers and statewide officials, including the governor and attorney general.

The increases to take effect next year are the second consecutive annual pay raises approved by the California Citizens Compensation Commission. A year ago, commissioners voted to give raises of about 5 percent.

The decision will increase the pay of rank-and-file lawmakers, which at $95,291 is already the highest in the nation. Legislators also are eligible for a $163 daily cost-of-living allowance but do not get pensions.

During the recent recession, the commission cut lawmakers' pay by 18 percent and eliminated their state-owned vehicles.

Position Current Salary New Salary
Governor $173,987 $177,467
Lieutenant Governor $130,490 $133,100
Attorney General $151,127 $154,150
Secretary of State $130,490 $133,100
Controller $139,189 $141,973
Treasurer $139,189 $141,973
State Superintendent $151,127 $154,150
Insurance Commissioner $139,189 $141,973
Board of Equalization $130,490 $133,100
Speaker of the Assembly $109,584 $111,776
Senate Pres. Pro Tem $109,584 $111,776
Minority Floor Leader $109,584 $111,776
Majority Floor Leader $102,437 $104,486
Junior Minority Leader $102,437 $104,486
All Other Legislators $95,291 $97,197

"The fiscal health is much stronger," said commissioner Nancy Miller in supporting an increase.

Commissioners said it is appropriate to match 2 percent cost-of-living increases approved for state managers that will take effect when the new fiscal year starts next month. But they rejected proposals for 5 percent increases and a proposal that would have raised some lawmakers' salaries by as much as 8 percent.

The seven-member commission supported the increase on a 4-1 vote, with one seat vacant and one member absent.

The lone "no" vote was by Anthony Barkett, who said it's not clear that the economic recovery will continue or has reached all corners of the state.

The commissioners are appointed by the governor. Gov. Jerry Brown is currently paid about $174,000 a year, well below the $212,179 peak salary paid to former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2008 before the commission began cutting officials' compensation.

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