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State Of Jefferson Supporters Take Pleas To Separate From California To Capitol

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Supporters of the State of Jefferson are hoping to pressure California lawmakers and the governor to give them freedom to form their own government

The grassroots movement of people in Northern California counties have hopes of breaking away from the state and forming their own state.

Hundreds representing 21 counties in Northern California gathered at the Capitol.

"I want to make it clear we are not seceding from California. We are separating and creating our own state," said Ginny Rapini. "Our voice is not heard up here."

The families are from rural communities stretching from Placer County to the Oregon state line.

"We were crying for representation. And we have none," Rapini said.

They say they're tired of being represented by Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area lawmakers who don't identify with their communities and lifestyles. They also want to return to a system with one state senator per county.

On Wednesday, they submitted their declarations of independence to the state senate, Assembly and Secretary of State.

To break away and form a 51st state, they would need the blessing of California lawmakers first, and then Congress.

Jefferson representatives say if lawmakers don't eventually approve their declaration of independence, they will take their cause to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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