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State Health Department A No-Show At Yuba County Mobile Home Park With Flammable Water

LINDA (CBS13) — Residents at a Yuba County mobile home park were told they would finally get answers from the state health department on Tuesday, but the inspector sent to check their water never showed.

Water from the hose at the Castlewood Mobile Home Park doesn't look much different from one from any old tap, but after a closer look, you'll think twice before taking a sip.

Rhonda Little demonstrated the methane levels in her water by pouring a glass and setting it on fire.

"Just want a safe living environment, that all I want," she said. "Safe drinking water, and they aren't providing it to us."

The filtration system that takes the methane out of the water at the mobile home park broke in April. Since then, neighbors have been too scared to turn on the shower.

"When you have that spitting in your face, you are in that little closed area and you have that methane coming through and sometimes you get a little dizzy," Little said.

CBS13 was at the park three weeks ago when the manager told us the water was safe to drink.

Since that time the Yuba County Environmental Health Department backed that claim in a letter to neighbors, writing the water is free of harmful bacteria, but in that same letter it says the water could be dangerous.

The letter instructs homeowners to keep doors and windows open, don't smoke inside and report any dizziness and fatigue. Failure to do so and it could be deadly.

A state health department inspector was supposed to meet with neighbors at the mobile home park at 2 p.m., but he never showed.

Little and her neighbors say they are running out of options.

"What can you do? We are stuck here. This is our home," she said.

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