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Sprinklers At Park In Elk Grove Run After Rain Rolls Through

ELK GROVE (CBS13) – With so many of us trying to conserve, you can imagine how angry people were - when they saw sprinklers gushing at one Elk Grove park just after a rainstorm rolled through.

Officials have instituted a policy that mandates no watering for two days after a measurable rain storm.

But, CBS13's own Ron Jones was out taking a walk at Dick Lichtenberger Park Saturday morning and got video of sprinklers running.

Steve Sims, Elk Grove's parks superintendent, calls this a malfunction. He says a parks worker shut off the irrigation system to all the city's 93 parks Friday because of the rain forecasted.

"It's hard to pinpoint exactly what happened because our system is so intricate," Sims said. "It relies essentially on wireless communication and wireless communication sometimes malfunctions and there's a glitch."

Sims says the sprinklers were turned off within 15 minutes. He says he can understand why people were disappointed in seeing this.  That's how he felt, because his department has gone out of its way to make conserving a priority.

The irrigation system is still off, Sims said. And on Monday, they're going to look deeper into what malfunctioned so it doesn't happen again.

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