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Spike In San Joaquin County Whooping Cough Cases Prompts Health Warning

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY (CBS13) — Public health department officials are concerned about a spike in whooping cough cases San Joaquin County and across the state.

Officials say the number of cases has reached epidemic levels, with nearly 2,700 cases reported statewide in 2014, and the highest monthly total since 2010.

This year's cases have already exceeded last year's, prompting warnings that it's not just babies that need vaccinated.

San Joaquin County officials say the number of cases have already doubled the entire 2013 total. Doctors report most of the cases have been found in school-aged children. Two infants have been hospitalized because of the disease.

While they can't pinpoint the exact cause for this year's increase, they say that parents choosing not to immunize their children is a possible cause. Another is not following through on the full series of vaccinations that can provide full protection.

The disease is spread by coughing, sneezing and even talking. While babies and children are still getting their booster series, they're still at risk.

Doctors are also advising updating the entire family's vaccination history, and say vaccinations are usually covered by the Affordable Care Act.

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