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South Lake Tahoe Police: Stop Calling Dispatchers To Give Your Opinion About Big Bear 'Hank The Tank'

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — South Lake Tahoe police are urging people to stop calling them about "Hank the Tank."

The 500-pound bear has been roaming the Tahoe Keys area for several months.

Recognizable by his enormous size, Hank the Tank is believed to be responsible for damaging at least 33 properties, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. He's also suspected to forcefully entering at least 28 homes.

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Posted by South Lake Tahoe Police Department on Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Hank the Tank is also believed to be responsible for two more break-ins over the weekend, South Lake Tahoe police told CNN.

His notoriety has earned him media coverage from around the world. Unfortunately, police say this heightened interest in Hank the Tank has also caused a spike in people calling the South Lake Tahoe PD to voice their opinions on what to do with him.

South Lake Tahoe police said in a Facebook post on Wednesday that they don't have a say in where the big bear lands. Local wildlife agencies are trying to find the best option for Hank, since his loss of fear of people is putting him and residents at risk.

Officials say they are looking at either relocating the bear or placing him in a facility. Another option would be euthanasia - an action wildlife advocates, like the BEAR League, have been pressuring people to speak out against.

Tahoe-area residents are being urged to stay vigilant and make sure they store and dispose of their food responsibly.

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