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South Lake Tahoe Bans Vacation Rentals In Residential Neighborhoods

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — It's a world-renowned vacation destination, but now South Lake Tahoe is telling tourists that certain areas are off-limits.

South Lake Tahoe voters approved a ban on vacation home rentals in residential neighborhoods and El Dorado County just confirmed the Measure T vote.

"We're elated," South Lake Tahoe resident Ken Weitzman said.

Weitzman supported the effort after he says non-stop vacation home renters on his block became a nuisance in his neighborhood.

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"They were very disruptive," Weitzman said. "People can't sleep, people can't park their cars."

For South Lake Tahoe's Blue Dog Pizza owner Mercades Bran, the ban is bad for business.

"Obviously, I think those homes will just sit empty now," Bran said.

Bran says the ban sends a message to would-be visitors of South Lake Tahoe, to keep out.

"It does definitely have the perception that if you are coming in and you want to spend a week here, that this isn't the place for you," Bran said.

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Right now 1,400 South Lake Tahoe property owners with homes in residential zones have permits to rent their homes through sites like Airbnb and VRBO. The city calculates it could lose up to $4 million a year in taxes because of the ban.

"80 percent of the homes will just now be vacant," Bran said.

"Well, there may be large parties of 30 or 40 people that want to rent a mega-mansion, and throw a bacchanalia," Weitzman said. "And that's not going to happen anymore."

This ban goes into effect in three years, although starting this Monday, Dec. 10, no vacation rental in South Lake Tahoe is allowed to have more than 10 occupants at one time.

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