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Some homeowners expand properties onto city land in South Natomas

Some homeowners in South Natomas expand properties beyond their bounds
Some homeowners in South Natomas expand properties beyond their bounds 03:29

SACRAMENTO - The city of Sacramento confirms that some homeowners in South Natomas are extending their properties onto city land.

The area where this encroachment is happening is along Ninos Parkway between San Juan and West El Camino Avenue. 

This property problem was brought to our attention by a CBS13 viewer who rides his bike along this path often. He wanted to remain anonymous but said he has been noticing it for years, people extending their backyards beyond their property fence line. 

"I've noticed lately that people are extending their fences to basically give them two backyards," said Scott Garrison who lives in South Natomas. 

Garrison walks the area with his dog daily and showed CBS13 his neighbor's upgraded backyards where he says people grow gardens, host parties and even pour concrete behind their wooden fence line. 

"You can see the chain link fence, so they've come out another 50 yards," said Garrison. 

Is it legal? 

Local real estate attorney Roy Loving said homeowners could be liable criminally for damaging and trespassing onto the government land. 

"When you're encroaching onto government property, that's a violation of the penal code," said Loving. "I think it can be a felony, but it's normally a misdemeanor." 

A quick search of Ninos Parkway on the County of Sacramento's website clearly shows the division between the city and private property. 

It is overgrown vegetation around and inside the extended property that is Garrison's greatest concern. 

"If a fire starts in their extended backyard, whose responsibility is that?" said Garrison. 

An email from 2021 obtained by CBS13 from a viewer shows a response from former city councilmember Jeff Harris's office, confirming these extended properties are illegal and the homeowners here do not have permission from the city for these improvements. 

Fast forward to today, and the problem still stands.

"They don't care what they do in their backyards," said Garrison. "They just do whatever." 

The City of Sacramento gave CBS13 this statement on the issue: 

"The City is aware of encroachments along the Ninos Parkway and is actively working to issue letters to the residents that have encroachments in the area." 

It couldn't give any answer as to why the letters were not issued sooner or what consequences homeowners who illegally encroached onto city land would be facing. 

"I don't think it's fair that they can make their backyards bigger unless they are going to pay for it," Garrison said. 

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