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Some Cannabis Is Discounted Before July 1 Regulation Deadline

MID-CITY (CBSLA) — If you're in the market for some cheap pot, you may be in luck, but you better hurry.

Marijuana retailers across the state are seeing themselves forced to sell their cannabis products at a discount ahead of the July 1 deadline that will require products meet new state regulations. Packaging will have to include the product's potency, where the product came from, and what other ingredients are found in it.

Everything must be tested and the results displayed, or else the product cannot be sold.

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That means the stock on-hand might be going for cheap, and someone has to buy it. It's a burden some consumers are willing to bear.

"It's not something that I like, but it is something that is happening, so we just have to go with the flow," Markeena Lee, a patron at Pottery in Mid-City, told CBS  Los Angeles.

"You either need to send all that product back to the lab to be tested, or you need to get it off the shelf before July 1st," said Henry's Original CEO Jamie Warm. His products already meet the standards for packaging and testing.

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However, he said as other dispensaries hurry to get rid of their respective stashes, there is a risk there will be a weed shortage come July.

"Every dispensary, I think, is scrambling to meet the July 1st deadline," said Warm.

Lee, who uses cannabis for scoliosis, said she's afraid her products could be harder to find.

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"I'm really scared about that because this is really good medicine, and this really, really helps a lot of people," said Lee.

State regulators said they will not budge on the July 1st deadline, adding they already gave sellers a six-month notice.

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