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Sole Survivor Of Lodi Family Killed In Crash Recovering As Investigation Into Accident Slows

LODI (CBS13) — The 9-year-old boy who was the sole survivor of an accident that killed six members of his family is out of surgery, while answers about the suspect in the crash are coming slowly from Lodi Police.

Eden Miranda has a long road to recovery with multiple broken bones and a punctured kidney he suffered in Tuesday night's six-car crash.

That crash killed Luis Miranda, his pregnant wife Viviana and their three children. Eden is the only survivor of that family.

Meanwhile, CBS13 has received mixed messages about how an investigation into the accident.

We asked for an update on the case that police said early on was being investigated as a DUI crash.

"That certainly wasn't released by our department," said Lodi Police Lt. Sierra Brucia.

But that's not what the same lieutenant told CBS13 on Wednesday.


"We're investigating this as a criminal DUI investigation," he said. "When officers got on scene, there was some objective symptoms there was possibly a DUI involved, so we're doing that investigation."

Police say they served a pair of search warrants, one at a home, the other at a hospital.

Those close to the family are angry that charges haven't been filed and with the pace of the investigation. A news conference with the victims will happen on Friday.

Officers are checking if the 28-year-old behind the wheel of the SUV was speeding or on the phone. Police are not revealing his identity and aren't planning any news conferences until Monday.

Teammates of 11-year-old Irving remembered their teammate by wearing blue and having a moment of silence on the soccer field today.

They voted that the game must go on, and that they're dedicating their season to their teammate who was taken too soon.

"It's really tough, especially the first day, seeing the kids crying," coach Scott Turner said. "They are very upset."

Irving joined the team last month, and coaches say he skills soared.

"They wanted to play the way he played. He was always upbeat," the coach said. "He loved to play soccer—soccer was a big part of his life."

Friends and relatives of the Miranda family joined in mournful song Thursday night, as neighbors paid their tearful respects at the corner where six members of the Miranda family died.

Lodi vigil
(Credit: CBS13)
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