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Sol Blume festival officially postponed to 2025 due to site safety concerns

Sol Blume postponed to 2025 due to site safety concerns
Sol Blume postponed to 2025 due to site safety concerns 00:27

SACRAMENTO -- The Sol Blume music festival in Sacramento has been postponed to next year, citing safety concerns at Discovery Park. 

Ticket holders were seeking answers on whether the event will go on as planned.

Concerns have been raised over a lack of communication from festival organizers on social media, leaving ticket holders in the dark.

The festival was scheduled to take place in just two weeks, but many attendees didn't receive their tickets.

Recently, an application form for food vendors on the festival's website went viral, revealing that the festival has been postponed to an unspecified date in the fall of 2024.

Despite this, Malia Larbi, a potential festivalgoer, said Thursday that she had not yet received an official email from organizers confirming the postponement.

This would have been her second year at the festival, as she recalls the event being postponed last year from April to August due to severe winter storms causing flooding in the park.

"Given the festival's unreliability, I'm reconsidering whether to attend," Larbi commented.

The pattern of last-minute changes seems to be repeating itself this year.

In a letter from Liz Bellas, director of Sacramento County Regional Parks, to the festival's organizers, she expressed concerns about the Discovery Park's current condition.

"While my staff has been diligently working to clean the park for general use, it is not yet capable of hosting a large festival with heavy infrastructure in early May. As previously stated, this event is crucial for the Sacramento region, and my team is ready to help reschedule the festival to a mutually agreeable date," Bellas noted.

The event has been rescheduled to August 15-17, 2025, according to Sol Bume's website. Those who had 2024 pass holders may automatically attend the 2025 event and can receive an automatic pass upgrade. 

Emails with a link to get a refund will begin to be sent out on Monday and will remain open until May 17.

Sol Blume also announced that it will be transitioning seasons to a late summer festival to avoid weather-related conflicts. 

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