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Social Media Reaction To Larry The Missing Italian Greyhound

The outrage over Air Canada's handling of our questions regarding Larry the Italian greyhound has been building on social media. Here's a sampling.

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Dot Quaid Larry isn't like a piece of lost luggage or a shoe or a book, he's a living, breathing creature that was somebody's family member, on his way to a new family...Air Canada's callousness is appalling....obviously not dog people....I won't ever fly with them OR ship anything with them, time for a boycott, me thinks

Marilyn Russell Canada: 1 US: 0 He spoke the truth. Americans need to get their shit together, exercise the right to vote and get these fools out of office. Sorry about the dog, that's a tragedy. But if you knew he was a flight risk (pun intended) you should have been with him.

Stephen Ducharmet ^^Marilyn are you daft? How can she be with the dog when he's supposed to be loaded into the cargo hold. They have a special area for pets on planes that owners cannot go.

Stephen Ducharmet I'm Canadian but I'm ashamed of this mans behavior. I'm sorry some of you don't think it's 'real news' but you would if it happened to your pet. People pay a lot of money to fly their pets with airlines and this is not the first to go missing in an airport. This story is necessary so changes can be made in the obviously poor procedures of this airline and others regarding animal care on flights. If this story is simply ignored where would the change come from?

Larry Lost By Air Canada
(Credit: CBS13 via Cathy Stevenson)

Kecia Henton I think it IS pertinent information! Pets are family. They depend on our care. If I put my trust, care, custody and control in an airline to do their job and they were negligent, I would want everyone to know. Expect me to never use Air Canada!

Sherryl Yourczek Sorry, I have to agree with Canada, people, let's focus on the important stuff! Sheesh! I'm sorry for Larry, but is fluff pieces what we need right now? Really?

Joan Capaiu Greene Yes there's more important stuff going on in the world. Yes, this *is* an important story. If it had happened to you, you'd be upset too. Hope the dog's owner wins well in their lawsuit against AC.

Cassandra Cisneros Wrong. People do care. It's NOT JUST a dog. It's a family member, it's a living breathing loving creature. I hope by some miracle, the she finds the dog. If the airline is going to lie about this, they will lie and do other dishonest things. And I am sick of hearing about the Gov't right now. Thank you for talking about something else for two minutes.

Elsa Cisneros That is absolutely outrageous. To dismiss the inquiries so callously, says much about their lack of humanity. They should be ashamed. "Just a local media outlet" eh? I hope this gets widespread coverage.

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