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Snow Leopard Cub At Sacramento Zoo Undergoing Physical Therapy

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The snow leopard cub born at the Sacramento Zoo is undergoing physical therapy to help him with several birth defects.

The cub, who was a twin, has swimmers syndrome in his rear legs, meaning his legs are "noticeably splayed," according to a new post on the zoo's blog. He also has eyelid birth defects and may need surgery in the future.

snow leopard 1
Credit: Sacramento Zoo

The other cub died shortly after birth.

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Veterinarians at the zoo, zookeepers, and specialists with the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine do physical therapy with the cub three times a day in hopes it will correct the problem and allow him to walk. The therapy includes helping him walk on surfaces with good traction and having him wear a harness to lift his hips and re-position his legs.

snow leopard 2
Credit: Sacramento Zoo

Staff at the Sacramento Zoo is looking into additional treatment options for the cub, including possibly allowing him into his exhibit for short amount of time.

snow leopard 3
Credit: Sacramento Zoo

The cub is currently off-exhibit, along with his mom, Misha. His dad, Blizzard, visits.

Misha is a first-time mom who gave birth at the Sacramento Zoo on May 6th. It was the first snow leopard birth since 2006.

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