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"We were stuck": Snow, slick roads cause travel mayhem on Sierra highways

Slick roads cause Sierra travel delays
Slick roads cause Sierra travel delays 02:11

NYACK — Spinouts, road closures and slick roads - Thursday's storm caused significant delays for travelers along Interstate 80 in the Sierra

The snow caused a backup on Interstate 80 after Caltrans closed the Alta exit near the state line to all vehicles Thursday evening.

Along I-80 east, cars and trucks were forced to turn back at the Alta exit after Caltrans says spinouts in the Sierra stacked up.

"A semi-truck got in a bit of a sliding accident and the road is pretty tough for all trucks, so we were stuck," said driver Andrian Jenunchi.

The snow sidelined millions of dollars of commercial goods sitting on the shoulder waiting for roads to clear as snow continued to fall Thursday night.

"It's pretty horrible," said Jenunchi.

While some turned back, other drivers waited it out, eventually making it to the Nyack truckstop for their second challenge of the day.

"You got to have chains on," said Jenunchi.

Chaining tires isn't easy, but the pros know it's necessary if drivers want to make it safely through the summit.

"We get many trucks coming in, looking to get chains because they broke them on the way up or drivers getting chains to get up the hill. Chains are going to give you the traction you need to get there," said gas station attendant Jeremiah Delaossa.

If you are traveling through the Sierra, Caltrans suggests keeping water, snacks, and blankets in your car. It's also important to have a full tank of gas and to let someone know where you're going in case of an accident. 

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