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Smoke From Camp Fire Blankets Sacramento Area, Creating Hazardous Air Quality

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The effects of the Camp Fire is being felt in the Sacramento area.  Air quality in Folsom, Sloughhouse and Roseville is now deemed hazardous due to smoke from the fire.

Air quality index over 300 is considered hazardous; this weekend in Roseville it reached 498 - the max is 500. It's why people are being asked to stay indoors or wear respiratory masks.

It's a hard ask many who have outdoor plans like Aaron Castillo.

"When I get out of my truck and I get back in it and there's just ash everywhere," Castillo said.

Shoppers out and about in Roseville say the smell of smoke is hard to miss, among other side effects.

"It's definitely creating a cough. A lot of people coughing, my throats been hurting," said Jenna Blakely.

It's all effects from the Camp Fire which broke out on Thursday.

"Yesterday was much worse. I live up in Marysville in Yuba City and I didn't go outside at all and I have a friend who's pregnant and she wore a mask and everybody was just staying inside," said Kirstynn Macias.

That's exactly what the City of Sacramento Fire Department is asking people to do: Stay indoors.

"We absolutely advise adhering to county public health recommendations to that the primary method to protect yourself is to stay indoors and limit outside exercise activity," said Daniel Bowers, Director of Emergency Management.

The fire department is distributing thousands of these masks, free of charge to the public. The masks are available at every fire station in the city. They've also been given to homeless advocacy groups.

"Understandably they spend a majority of their time outdoors so this is a prudent step for us to provide this resource," Bowers said.

For those looking to purchase their own, it's important to buy one that "clearly states N95 or N100," he said.

Some residents say seeing people with masks on, puts the dangers of the Camp Fire into perspective.

"It's definitely scary and it's a constant reminder of everything that's going on," Blakely said.

For those looking for something to do indoors tomorrow with the kids, the Sacramento Children's Museum is open. They are offering price reductions. Admission is free of charge for veterans and those affected by the fire.

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