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Sisters Bringing Joy Through T-Shirts To Children Battling Cancer

UC DAVIS MEDICAL CENTER (CBS13) — Two sisters are making a name for themselves and are spreading joy in the most unlikely of places.

One of their sisters has leukemia, but they are making the most out of a difficult situation. Now, they're bringing smiles to the faces of those who need it most with T-shirts.

Ten months ago, Kristine Tesauro was diagnosed with B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Since then, she's been spending a lot of time at UC Davis Medical Center, receiving treatment with her sister Brianna by her side.

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The days and the treatments were long, and that's when the girls decided to bring themselves some happiness, and they got creative. They broke out the markers and started doodling away, making T-shirts with slogans like "Be Happy" for Brianna to wear when she worked out.

"She really liked it, 'cause she thought it was funny and then we started wearing them out and our friends really liked it too," said Brianna Tesauro. "So we started making them for our friends then other people wanted to buy them and it grew from there."

And the rest is history. They started giving the shirts away to bring happiness to other patients in the hospital.

"We realized if we wanted to keep giving them away we had to kinda make money too so them we started selling them," Kristine Tesauro said.

They realized they needed more shirts, a company name and a business plan.

"We got the name from our grandpa, because he used to always say when he wanted to get rid of something, 'Ahhh go catch some air!' So we thought it was good slogan for what we are going through, tell it to go catch some air."

A portion of the proceeds goes back to giving a free shirt to a child with cancer.

Moms love them, and so do patients like Reese, who suffers from the same cancer as Kristine.

Hospital staffers agree.

"They're the bravest people I've ever met. She is brave and so is her sister, and I love what they bring to the table when they come here and what they bring to life."

It isn't their only business plan. They hope to one day open a cancer center where patients can go for a retreat; a place that's sanitized and safe for patients.

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