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Singer Takes Knee During National Anthem At Sacramento Kings Game

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The day after the first Kings' preseason game, the buzz is all about what happened before the first play. Singer Leah Tysse took the microphone to sing the national anthem, then she took a knee - and took the audience by surprise.

"She wants to kneel, let her kneel, she sees disparities, there are disparities!" said Kings fan Karla Mendoza.

Bay Area Singer Leah Tysse took the opportunity to make a statement of her own on Tuesday night by kneeling on the court while singing the national anthem.

She explained her decision on Facebook:  "Taking a knee felt like the most patriotic thing I could do. I cannot idly stand by as black people are unlawfully profiled, harassed and killed by our law enforcement over and over without a drop of accountability."

It started with football player Colin Kaepernick who knelt during a football game back in September. And as other players around the country have followed suit, Kings fan Karla Mendoza said they have every right to

"I think that's his right and I think we're holding athletes to standards that they shouldn't be held to," said Menzoda.

But some veterans like Martin Walker don't believe it wasn't the time or place to make a political statement.

"I'm not crazy for that at all," said Air Force Veteran Martin Walker. "It sends a bad message to other people in our country, and it definitely sends a bad message around the world."

And Army veteran Alfred Haney said Tysse kneeling sent chills down his spine.

"I think the national anthem should be respected as is," Haney said.

But Mendoza said you can make a statement and still respect the U. S. at the same time.

"I love this country, it doesn't mean that I disagree with the people kneeling," she said

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