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New Evidence Released In Sherri Papini Disappearance

REDDING (CBS13) — It's a high-profile, unsolved kidnapping case of a wife and mother, found beaten and shackled.

Deputies are releasing new details, including suspect sketches in the bizarre case of Sherri Papini.

Papini was found on Thanksgiving on the side of Interstate 5 in Yolo County.

Nearly a year later, after 20 search warrants, 600 tips from around the world, and thousands of man-hours investigating, there are still no arrests.

Sherri Papini's description of her abductors has led to new FBI sketches. They show two Hispanic women, one older, one younger, with their faces covered.

The sketches release comes as investigators also released evidence showing DNA of a man was found on the Papini's clothes.

A woman's DNA was found on her body.

Investigators discovered Papini had texted a Michigan man, planning to meet, in the days ahead of her disappearance. They have ruled out his involvement in her disappearance.

Papini's husband first reported her missing in a call to police after learning she hadn't picked up their children from school.

KEITH PAPINI: I just drove down there, and I found her phone with her headphones because she started running again, and I found her phone, and it's got her hair ripped out of it, like in the headphones, so I'm like totally freaking out like someone grabbed her.


KEITH PAPINI: Oh my god.

Shasta County deputies say Keith Papini has undergone a polygraph test, but Sherri Papini has not, and they have not asked her to because she is a victim.

Retired FBI agent James Wedick says she should take the test.

"There's nothing to compel her to take the polygraph," Wedick said. "It's just like there was nothing to compel Keith to take the polygraph. I mean they asked him, and he willingly did so, and so the next point would be 'Keith helped us, would you please do the same.'"

Scrutiny of Papini's story comes after reports Papini's family members have accused her in the past of harming herself and blaming the injuries on others.

"I don't know, this is a peculiar case," Wedick said.

A high-profile unsolved kidnapping case now with new evidence leading to more questions than answers.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Department says they are getting this out in hopes of generating new leads and getting to the bottom of what happened.

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