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Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones Says Some Local Deputies Attended D.C. Trump Rally

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Local deputies attended last week's now-infamous Trump rally in Washington D.C., Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones confirmed.

Sheriff Jones says his department is looking into whether his deputies acted improperly.

California's capital city is prepping for inauguration day by calling on the National Guard, as well as federal and local law enforcement to secure critical infrastructure and government buildings ahead of potential protests. Now, a six-foot fence stands between Californians and their Capitol building.

In an interview about security measures, Sheriff Jones said some of his deputies were in Washington D.C. last Wednesday.

"We are looking at a lot of the social media and so forth to ensure that none of our officers if they were there acted improperly," Sheriff's Jones said.

Initially, he wasn't clear about his deputies' presence in D.C. last Wednesday, saying, "You have to be careful from a leadership perspective of trying to quell someone's first amendment rights and being able to be a part of a rally they believe in, but certainly, that being said, there are lines that police officers may not cross."

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Eventually, he clarified that they were there.

"My understanding is we did have at least a couple of officers at the rally," Jones said. "We want to make sure everyone that was there acted properly or that we don't have any information that they acted improperly. Frankly, I'd be very surprised if any of our officers acted improperly. We have no information that they were involved in anything other than them being present at the rally."

It's those same officers who rallied at the U.S. Capitol that could now be tasked with protecting California's.

"One of the things that keeps things peaceful, keeps folks from crossing the lines is the overwhelming opposing force," Jones said.

Leading up to inauguration day, sheriff's deputies will help to defend critical infrastructure.

"DOCO, the Capitol building, our jail, the district attorney's office are potential targets. Governmental services, water supply, electric supply," Jones said.

The California National Guard will have a presence in Sacramento as well. Gov. Newsom deployed 1,000 Cal Guard personnel to help protect infrastructure and public safety.

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