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'Why Would One Do Such Shameful Deeds?' Emotional Victim Testimony In Golden State Killer Case

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — One after another, Golden State Killer survivors and their families delivered their emotional accounts in court Tuesday, confronting Joseph James DeAngelo ahead of his formal sentencing.

Some victims used the court confrontation to forgive DeAngelo, others used it to express their decades of pain and anger describing him as "weak," "disgusting," and "sub-human."

"It gives me great satisfaction to see you in your orange jumpsuit," Kris Pedretti said. DeAngelo raped Pedretti in 1976 when she was 15 years old.

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The first day of victim impact statements included testimony exclusively from the Sacramento County survivors of DeAngelos's attacks.

The testimony also included a few jabs aimed at embarrassing DeAngelo.

"Did his little penis drive him to be so angry all the time?" Patti Cosper said. "Did he study criminology? So he could carry out his evil deads as a bad cop?"

Cosper's mother was raped by DeAngelo in 1976.

DeAngelo, wearing a white mask and his orange jumpsuit, did not break from his stone-cold courtroom presentation. He showed no indication of remorse.

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All survivors showcased their strength in this first and final opportunity to speak to the man described as a real-life monster.

"How pathetic, to use your training as a peace officer to take advantage of good people and commit such crimes," Irma Nordeen said. "Many people have wondered why would one do such shameful deeds."

Nordeen is the aunt of Debbie Strauss, whom DeAngelo raped. Strauss died in 2016.

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