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'Something's Not Right': Sex Offenders Go Unnoticed Due To Address Glitch On Megan's Law Website

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) — There's a tight-knit community in Orangevale. Everyone keeps a close eye on who joins their community and some aren't welcome.

CBS13 discovered three sex offenders living at the same house on Drywood Way. Not everyone knew about their neighbors and finding the information wasn't easy.

When we initially ran the address on Megan's Law, a message popped up showing no sex offenders listed at that address.

"I don't want these people living across from me," said a neighbor named Ginny.

"You don't have a choice. They have a legal right to live there," said another neighbor, Sherri Harlow.

What we discovered caused quite a bit of conversation at the Woodmore Oaks online neighborhood watch meeting Thursday night.  But it wasn't just the Orangevale address that didn't check out.

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CBS13 discovered nearly a dozen more convicted sex offenders who don't show up when you run a search on their addresses on the Megan's Law website.

We alerted the Attorney General's office which asked to see our findings.  A spokesperson responded saying, "A number of these appear to be working through the address search function on our end. We'll have our technical team take a look though and follow up if we need any additional info."

More from CBS Sacramento:

Bottom line, you may have to do more digging in order to find out who really lives next door.

In the meantime, another Orangevale resident had a warning at the neighborhood watch meeting saying, "This is a message to all my neighbors, please be vigilant and be aware."

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