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How Did A Sex Offender Escape A Stanislaus County Courthouse?

MODESTO (CBS 13) — A registered sex offender waiting to face a judge in Stanislaus County walked away, dodging police and a new set of sex crime charges.

Christopher Michael Munson, 41, remains at-large as investigators with the Oakdale Police Department try to figure out how he managed to slip away from the busy courthouse.

"He wasn't in police custody at the time of his court appearance," said Janeen Yates, a spokesperson for Oakdale Police.

Police say when Munson learned the plan to take him into custody for new sex crime charges, he fled from the courthouse.

"Typically, in the courthouse, they have their bailiffs," Yates said. "We're just asking for citizens, and the community, if anybody knows his

A spokesperson for the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department says Munson was in the hallway when he simply got up and walked out of the courthouse. Deputies inside were notified as soon as detectives with Oakdale Police realized he was gone.

"He did not run out. He did not make a scene. He wasn't pushing or shoving people as he was leaving. Something like that would obviously attract the attention of our deputies," said Royjindar Singh of Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department.

Munson faces multiple charges for a 2016 Oakdale Police case involving firearm violations. The new charges, police say, are for lewd and lascivious acts with a minor under the age 14.

"It is an Oakdale Police investigation, but we, being a neighboring agency, will be having the suspect's photography on our social media pages basically to get the information out so we can help them locate and get him in custody," Singh said.

Detectives are now asking anyone with information on Munson's whereabouts to contact law enforcement immediately.

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