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Seminar Helps Substitute Teachers Get Ready For Longer Stints In Classrooms Amid Shortage

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A teacher shortage in the Central Valley has forced many school districts to pull substitute teachers into classrooms permanently, creating a demand for more substitute teachers.

The Teachers College of San Joaquin has announced a new program to help get first-time teachers ready for the classroom to help meet demand.

It started putting together a seminar for substitute teachers after hearing from several principals saying they need substitute teachers and those who can handle a potential long-term placement.

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Many substitute teachers don't have teaching degrees. They may be professionals looking for a career change or stay-at-home parents wanting to get back in the workforce.

"However, they have no experience other than their high school and elementary experience that may be several years old," said Pamela Dunham with the college.

Two weeks ago, the college created a five-part seminar to help groom new substitute teachers.

"A substitute teacher filling in for a permanent teacher, and the classroom is out of control—we want to help substitutes avoid this happening to them," said Katie turner.

Lauren Dinubilo eventually became a full-time teacher, but she started out as a substitute when she wanted a career change. She's had no trouble finding work at Lincoln Unified School District, but wishes she had more training before jumping right in.

"I was called every day. Every day there was a phone call to sub. There was always going to be a job for you," she said.

Anyone can take the seminars, but before getting into the classroom, you need a bachelor's degree and to pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test. After a fingerprint clearance, the substitute must apply for a 30-day substitute permit, which allows them to teach up 30 days in a single classroom throughout the year.

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