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Selfie Experience Opens At CA State Fair

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – If you're looking for the perfect selfie, then head to the Bank of America Selfie Experience at the California State Fair!

A variety of different exhibits are open for you to check out and get the perfect picture! There is a variety of colorful and stylish themed-rooms from shabby-chic '70s to Dinosaurs in the Dark to a Candy Wonderland.

Ball pit
Dive on in!
Cactus Chair
Sit at your own risk
Wonka Chocolate Bar
Caution: Do Not Attempt To Eat
Record Surf
Surf the music!
Jurassic Dark
Ever see a dino this color?
Get a magical selfie with this magical animal!
Jurassic Dark
This Dinosaur is bigger in person!
Rose Chair
Sit on a bed of roses
Candy Land
Caution Again: Do Not Attempt To Eat

Lastly, on the way out, take a selfie in the giant ball pit!

More information on the fair here.


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