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SEIU Under Attack From Inside Out

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -- The SEIU, California's most powerful state worker's union, is under attack from the inside out, but members say they're giving themselves a pay raise.

The power of the SEIU lies in its solidarity, something the members don't question, but they are starting to question the money, nearly $63 million in dues collected last year.

"They're using us not for the money, they're using us as a cash cow," says Ken Hamidi.

Ken Hamidi works at the State Franchise tax Board, and he has also championed the efforts of the California Professional Public Employees Association.

"The only thing we have in common is all of us as state employees is for one thing and one thing only, we put this money in a pot to have a strong voice for representation and bargaining, the rest of it leave up to us," said Hamidi.

It is the CPPEA that is gaining signatures to end SEIU memberships and become what's called 'non-germane objectors', keeping the rights of collective bargaining. Objecting to the political actions of the union and keeping more of their duties in their pockets.

"The max the SEIU takes out is $90, that's what it's capped at so 95% of that could be quite a bit of savings," Joe Flores explains.

Joe Flores is a delegate with the SEIU, but helping spread the word about this little known fact.

"It just makes sense for smart state workers to pay themselves, keep the money for themselves; you've been attacked enough, it's time to pay yourselves," says Flores.

And word is spreading fast, with 28,000 members choosing to become non-germane objectors last year.

"They're thanking us for this knowledge because they seem to be unaware of it," Flores says.

The SEIU was unavailable for an on camera interview, but they did send this statement which reads:

"We see potential for great abuse and danger for individuals who sign these documents and have taken the steps to alert our members of the potential abuse. CPPEA has no standing with the state and is recruiting state employees based on a pure falsehood. People should view representation claims by CPPEA with the same skepticism as the Nigerian money schemes we receive in our email box each month."

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