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Search On For 'Panty Prowler' That Broke Into East Sacramento Home Wearing Women's Underwear

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The search is on for a suspected panty prowler who's accused of preying on a grad student in East Sacramento.

The victim says a man wearing women's underwear broke into her home and masturbated in front of her. She did not want to give her identity, but a woman we'll refer to as Susan is warning her East Sacramento neighbors to be on the lookout for a bold perverted burglar.

"He suddenly appeared right in front of my bedroom doorway," Susan said. "I saw his face in the window at the foot of my bed with a shirt wrapped around his face."

She says while she was lying in her bed early Saturday morning, a Hispanic male between the age of 20 and 30 walked up to her window and began grunting. She immediately called the police.

While talking to officers on the phone, Susan said the man snuck into her home, stood in her bedroom doorway, and began to fondle himself.

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"I was terrified and he kept asking me, 'Do you like? Do you like?'" She said.

Susan says she put down the phone thinking police were still on the line and racing to her home. She started talking to the prowler so police could nab him in the act in the home. But she said after 10 minutes, of no police response, she glanced at her phone and noticed the call ended.

"So I engage a call again and call 9-11, and try to make a cryptic statement out loud about, you know, 'Do you mean to be here, in my home, at this address, where I don't know you?'" she said.

The man ran as soon as the police arrived and Susan chased after him. Unfortunately, the suspect got away from an officer by breaking down a nearby fence.

Police say after he got away, they found the suspect's clothes and a jacket in the alley. They also found several pairs of women's underwear in the jacket.

Several neighbors also say they heard odd noises in their backyards.

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