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Search For Tamarack The Bear Called Off After Possible Sighting In Tree

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — A cub resembling Tamarack the bear was spotted again climbing a tree in South Lake Tahoe, which led wildlife officials to call off the search for the animal that suffered burned paws in a wildfire.

Earlier this month, the cub escaped from its enclosure in South Lake Tahoe where it was being treated for burns it got from the Tamarack Fire.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care says its staff spotted a bear that looked like Tamarack—it was about the same size, didn't have any bandages on its paws and had a similar marking on its head—climbing a tree and behaving as a healthy, wild bear should.

They decided to leave it alone and are no longer on the lookout for the cub.

"While we cannot be certain this was the escaped bear, staff feel strongly that it was him and are no longer asking the community to be on the lookout for the bear," Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care said in a Facebook post.

The Bear League called the decision "shortsighted, cruel, and a punch in the gut." The organization said the young cub still needs proper medical care.

"Please continue to think good thoughts, pray, and light candles for this little bear who so desperately needs human compassion in a world that seems to be totally lacking of any," the Bear League said in a Facebook post.

Tamarack was recovering at the rescue for a few weeks before his escape—he tunneled under an electric fence, despite his bandages.

Hikers recently spotted Tamarack in a tree in the area with his bandages still on, though wildlife officials were unsuccessful in getting the bear back into their care.

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