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Sacramento City Unified Closing Wednesday To All Students As Teacher Strike Begins

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento City Unified School District teacher strike will start on Wednesday, forcing 40,000 students to stay home from 76 campuses.

The strike comes just as state COVID restrictions at schools had ended.

Mom Trisha Strachan was fed up. She will enroll her eighth-grader, Leo, in a different public school district next year.

"For us, this is it. We are moving out of Sacramento City Unified," Strachan said. "Both of my kids have had some absolutely amazing teachers. It just doesn't feel to me like a place where what both sides are saying is what we care most about is the student experience."

Kelly Stout has a first-grader in the district. She is supporting the strike and hoping for a final lasting agreement.

"For me, we're new to the district," Stout said. "I want to see a long-term solution cut now, so I'm not doing this two or three years throughout my child's educations."

The teachers union and district have been negotiating over take-home pay, teacher shortages, and COVID protocols.

With no school, it's like a return to COVID restrictions, only there will be no distance learning.

"If they keep doing this I'm not going to be prepared and neither are my classmates," Leo Strachan said.

There is no timeline for when the strike could end.

"It feels like they're taking the community hostage," Trisha Strachan said.

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