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Scott Peterson's Former Modesto Home Back On The Market

MODESTO (CBS13) - Scott Peterson's former home in Modesto is back on the market for the fifth time in twenty years.

Just as Peterson's case is garnering attention once again as he looks for a retrial in the 2002 murder of Laci Peterson and their unborn son, his house is for sale and buyers are interested.

"It brought me back to the day I heard about it," says Modesto Realtor Bien Hinrichsen.

Hinrichsen lived in town when the murders happened.

"She was pregnant at the time I was pregnant," Hinrichsen said. "We were due at the exact same time."

Not knowing twenty years later she'd be showing their home to buyers only learning of the baggage from her client in the middle of their appointment.

"We were walking through it and my client says 'This is the same street as the Peterson home.' We looked it up and it was the same home. It was Scott Peterson's," says Hinrichsen.

Though, neither Hinrichson nor her client are phased by the brick house's back story.

"For me, no, it hasn't. The only thing I would worry about is people who are looky-loos driving by and I'm not worried about bad mojo or anything like that," says Tonya, who's looking to purchase the home.

Local real estate analyst Ryan Lundquist says bad vibes haven't been a factor so far.

"Each time it sold, it sold fairly quickly," says Lundquist.

He explained that given the current market and the home's asking price of $459,888, the property will sell fast.

"On average last month, properties sold in 16 days but half the properties took seven days or fewer to sell. So if it's priced right, it should be in contract as soon as next week," says Lundquist.

Housing analysts we spoke to say there is no legal requirement to tell buyers about the home's baggage, however, most will disclose the information.

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