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'Students Still Look At Me...As Nothing More Than A N*****': West High Vice Principal Fed Up After Being Targeted With Racist Graffiti

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The vice principal of a Sacramento City Unified District High School says she's been the victim of racism for years.

The final straw came this Monday when Vice Principal Dr. Elysse Versher of West Campus High School returned to her parking spot to find racist language written on the wall in front of her car.

"I'm devastated. I'm devastated," said Dr. Versher.

The deep-cutting words, continuing on social media, from accounts angry about a school dress code.

"This is the first time in my career that students have been emboldened enough to call me a black N**** , a N*** B****, black Hitler," said Dr. Vershner, who says the racist language is heartbreaking.

"A reminder that black kids don't matter here and that I don't either," said Versher.

It's not just words but threats facing the three-year V.P. and her family. What's worse? It's all coming from her own students.

CBS13 obtained an email that school principal John McMeekin sent to parents that read, in part:

"I have been made aware of social media and online activity that contains racially derogatory statements targeting our assistant principal Dr. Elysse Versher, as well as threatening electronic communications made directly to her family members."

"How do I know that they're not going to be violent?" asked Dr. Versher, who's not just worried about herself.

"My black staff has experienced it, and trust me when I tell you, my Black students are the same students who are checking out of here because they don't feel connected, they feel it every day," said Dr. Versher.

A California Department of Education census shows 80 percent of West Campus High School students identify as non-white. Dr. Versher says the faculty demographic doesn't reflect that.

"There are no black teachers. There's not one black counselor for our students. I'll tell you this. I'm not going anywhere…you're not going to run me out with racist rhetoric," said Versher.

Dr. Versher tells CBS13 she met with Sacramento City Unified School District officials on Tuesday to discuss the violence.

She says officials were supportive and protective of her position at West Campus High School.

The Sacramento Unified School District tells us the Sacramento Police Department has been made aware of the threats and detectives are investigating.

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