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Scanner Traffic Reveals Moments After Female Officer Was Injured Redwood Avenue Shooting

NORTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Scanner traffic is providing more insight into the shooting that unfolded on Redwood Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

A suspect opened fire in the north Sacramento Noralto neighborhood just before 7 p.m. It is unclear what lead up to the shooting.

FOR THE LATEST ON THE SHOOTING: Sacramento Police Officer Injured In Shooting On Redwood Avenue

A Sacramento police officer was caught in the fire as the suspect continued shooting and law enforcement desperately tried to reach the officer who was down.

Responding officers are heard saying the suspect was armed with a high-powered rifle, reloading multiple times.

The officer shot, a female, was pinned down near a shed where other officers could not immediately get to her.

"I do not believe we can do a rescue until we lock down where he's at--where the shooter is from."

Officers worked to pinpoint the location of the shooter before they could safely rescue the injured officer who was reportedly immediately behind the suspect house.

The injured officer remained in the yard until officers could take her to the hospital. Witnesses reported seeing the officer carried from the yard and getting medical attention.

According to scanner traffic, the officer sustained injuries to her left armpit and left forearm and had a weakened pulse.

Around 7:20 p.m., a damaged Sacramento police vehicle was seen arriving at the UC Davis Medical Center.

Police confirm the officer is in critical condition.

The scene remains active as police are barricaded outside the suspect house. Neighbors say a man lives at the house on Redwood Avenue.

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