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Scandia In Sacramento Reopens For Outdoor Activities Only  

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It's been roughly five long weeks of just furry critters roaming Scandia Sacramento's mini-golf course.

Now, general manager Brian Nichols says they're partially back in business, only allowing outdoor activities.

"We've got bills to pay. We've got employees, we're not scheduled to work," Nichols said. "They've got bills to pay and some of them have not been able to get unemployment."

Nichols says all visitors will have to wear masks if they plan to partake in the outdoor activities like putt-putt golf.

"Our crew members have been told to remind the customers to wear a mask. If they're not wearing a mask, we'll most likely ask them to leave," Nichols said.

Some of the folks who showed up to the reopening didn't have masks on. CBS13 asked Nichols if they were asked to leave. He says since there was a small number of people, they were isolated to their family members and it was the first day, he didn't ask them to leave.

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"I mean I'd wear a mask if I had one handy, but it was just like a spur of the moment, let's go do something," Michael Byers said.

Nichols said that all equipment and rides would be properly sanitized before a person rents or uses them.

"As a customer uses whether it's a doorknob or a bat or a golf club, a golf ball, it's all being sanitized after usage. We've asked everyone to use social distancing," Nichols said.

"We made her spray it all down with Lysol and everything before we got them all," Byers said.

It may take some time before Scandia gets a steady flow of visitors again. Some folks who were there Monday said they were just happy to be in the batting cage or on the mini-golf course, finally getting out of the house.

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"It's pretty cool to have something to bring these kids to do something outside of just sitting in the house and playing video games or whatever they do," Jairus Beacham said.

"This is like mental abuse being stuck in the house. You can only do so much!" Chris McMenomy, who visited from Auburn, said.

CBS13 asked Sacramento County how a fairly large facility can be able to reopen with outdoor activities. The county told us if the facility is able to demonstrate strict social distancing among non-household members is enforced and mandatory sanitation of equipment between users is done, they can open.

You can learn more about Scandia's hours and available activities on their website:

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