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Saturday Night Fever: Enjoying A Night On The Town After California COVID Restrictions Lifted

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The first Saturday night out since California lifted capacity limits and COVID restrictions, and the heat had many taking the party inside.

"I feel great," said Nikko Gallanosa.

He and Bruce Mercado were in high spirits as they caught a break from the heat by enjoying dinner and drinks at DOCO.

"I'm really excited just to be outside," said Mercado.

The excitement was felt by may, as businesses were eager to hit full capacity once again.

"Just being able to see people's faces and smile, to be able to socialize again - it's great," said Tony Christ, manager of Tiger on K Street.

But still, he said it can be a bit overwhelming.

"It's a hot weekend, you know," said Christ. "It just seems like a lot of things are happening at once."

The hot summer sun may have kept crowds home during the day, but managers like Badlands' Johnathan Cameron say at night, business has been heating up.

"It's really heartwarming when you can sit there and tell people welcome home," Cameron said.

Weekends like these are a big leap for bars and clubs, especially after a rough year on the job.

"Now it's about how long will it take to pay back," Cameron said.

But each day brings them a step closer.

Customers like Mercado and Gallanosa said things feel a bit strange, as they navigate "normal" once again.

"You just have to read the crowd," said Mercado.

Gallonosa agreed, saying, "It's weird, do I keep it on? Do I take it off, you know?"

California is coming back with Saturday night fever, as people and businesses feel ready to embrace it.

Many staff members say returning felt like riding a bike, but businesses are also asking for patience as everyone gets used to this pace and lifestyle once again.

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