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Search On For Man Accused Of Secret Recording In Campus Bathroom

STOCKTON (CBS13) — The San Joaquin Delta College campus is on alert after a disturbing incident inside one of their public restrooms.

Campus police said it happened Tuesday afternoon when a man was caught shooting video and then confronted by his victim.

It's the image seen on the Delta College campus. A man rushing out of the men's restroom after he was caught peeping in a men's restroom.

"I think for any of the victims, it's very disturbing because obviously, a restroom is a place where you expect to have the most privacy even if you are at a urinal and not at a stall. You just don't expect to look down and see somebody in a very vulnerable state look down and see a camera facing up at you," said Sgt. Jim Bock of San Joaquin Delta College Police.

Campus police said the victim was using the stall and noticed the suspect reaching under the barrier of the adjacent stall with a smartphone.

"The victim, actually tried to confront him and the guy started walking away quickly and the victim followed him and lost him at Red Robin across the street," he said.

Campus police said the incident happened on the first floor in the Holt Building, a place with heavy foot traffic. It's unknown if the suspect described as an adult Asian man in his late 20's is a student at Delta. Investigators hope someone can recognize him from photos on a flyer.

"I think its very horrible and kind of creepy," said Joseph Galvan, a student at San Joaquin Delta College.

Investigators notified students, teachers, and faculty about the incident through e-mail. They also posted the flyer on the school's social media accounts hoping to generate leads.

"For other students, I am highly worried. It's an invasion of privacy, and its not right. It shouldn't be happening around campus," said Galvan.

The suspect faces misdemeanor charges if caught. Police said if the suspect is found to be a student, he will be permanently removed from campus.

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