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More mountain lion sightings reported in San Joaquin County, this time near Lockeford

Second mountain lion sighting reported in Lodi area
Second mountain lion sighting reported in Lodi area 01:48

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY – Authorities say they are continuing to field reports of mountain lion sightings in northern San Joaquin County.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office gave an update on their search for the animals on Friday, saying that they're now investigating possible mountain lion sightings in the area of E. Locke Road in Lockeford. 

Further, the sheriff's office noted that they're also looking into reports that there could be a second mountain lion traveling with the animal. 

Sightings have been reported near Lodi for the past week. Back on Monday, the sheriff's office announced that a possible mountain lion was sighted in an orchard off Peltier Road.  The sheriff's office fielded a report about a possible mountain lion sighting on Saturday in the same general area, on E. Harvest Road in Acampo.

Each time a mountain lion has been reported, deputies conducted a search of the area but came up empty. The sheriff's office noted that the California Department of Fish & Wildlife can only come in and help if the animal becomes a risk to the public -- like if it starts behaving aggressively or violently. 

Residents in the area are being urged to keep their pets indoors.

Attempts to trap the mountain lion will be made if the animal is spotted, the sheriff's office says. Anyone who sees the animal is urged to call (209) 468-4400.

While a relatively common sight in the Northern California foothills high country, mountain lions do sometimes make their way down to the valley. In 2019, a home surveillance camera captured a mountain lion on the prowl in the Natomas neighborhood of Sacramento. 

Mountain lion attacks on humans are rare, wildlife officials say, but they do occur – sometimes with deadly consequences, like earlier in 2024 when two brothers were attacked in El Dorado County. One of those brothers was killed in the mountain lion attack.

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