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San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Calls Out Fan On Twitter, Says 'Get Better At Life'

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13) — San Francisco 49ers quarterback and Turlock native Colin Kaepernick lashed out on a fan who he believed was questioning his work ethic on Twitter on Wednesday.

It started with Kaepernick Tweeting about his workout, highlighting the physical work he'd done, as well as a two-hour study session.

A fan replied to it, saying Kaepernick's ab workout won't help him find an open receiver, with the hashtag study.

Kaepernick replied sharply twice, asking if the fan was illiterate or just ignorant, and asking the fan to give him a "breakdown of every defensive coverage."

Then, 11 minutes later, he replied once more, calling out the fan for only having eight Twitter followers, saying in part "your own family don't even want to know what you doin! Get better at life!"

One thing's for certain, that fan now has more than eight followers. An hour later, he's approaching 250.

Former 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh had criticized Kaepernick previously for getting too involved in Twitter and social media disputes.

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