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Salmonella Outbreak Has Shoppers Thinking Twice About Buying Foster Farms Chicken

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The recent salmonella outbreak has people thinking twice about buying Foster Farms chicken and considering alternatives.

"We have seen a 10 percent increase in our chicken sales since the outbreak," said Julia Thomas at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op.

Thomas says salmonella cases like the one affecting Foster Farms are good for the organic food movement.

"Whenever there is some kind of problem—whether it be produce or meat, and often times it is meat—we do see more sales in our meat department," she said.

It's a market share that's slowly slipping away from Foster Farms.

Public relations executive Scott Rose says customers will need to see four things happen before coming back.

"The company needs to acknowledge what happened, take responsibility of what happened, find out why it happened, and do things to ensure it never happens again," he said.

If handled properly, one of the country's largest poultry producers should be able to bounce back.

But Rose adds erasing the tie to salmonella will be key.

"If this keeps rolling on, dragging on, the more exposure, the more difficult it is going to be to recover," Rose said.


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