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As summer driving season approaches, report lists safest new and used cars for teenagers | Call Kurtis

What are the safest vehicles for young drivers?
What are the safest vehicles for young drivers? 02:57

Summer driving season is starting and teenagers are much more likely to get into car accidents when they get behind the wheel.

Teens are four times more likely to get into crashes because they are inexperienced and can become easily distracted. Speeding is another reason.

Last December, for example, Turlock High School basketball coach John Williams was killed in a crash while heading to a game. A speeding 17-year-old was accused of causing the collision.

"Teenagers are more likely to lose control of their vehicle," said Rebecca Weast, a research scientist with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

What are the safest vehicles for young drivers?

Consumer Reports, along with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, has released a list of 58 recommended new and used vehicles for teenagers.

The used cars range from $5,800 to $19,900 based on pricing from Kelley Blue Book. For new cars, prices cost from $23,400 to $39,600.

Many of these cars have emergency braking, which can cut the number of crashes in half.

The least expensive of these used vehicles is the 2018 and newer Toyota Camry, which starts at $9,600. The next cheapest is the 2017 or newer Toyota Corolla, which starts at $10,600.

"We find that teenagers especially benefit from having these systems that can intervene in the event of an imminent crash," Weast said.

"Vehicles continue to get safer, and for the first time since the pandemic-era disruptions, prices on the new and used market have stabilized," said Jennifer Stockburger, the director of operations at Consumer Reports' Auto Test Center facility. "These trends have enabled us to point families to even better options this year."

Two types of vehicles to steer clear of for teenagers, according to Consumer Reports, are extra-large vehicles and sports cars because they are difficult to maneuver.

The recommendations spotlight so-called "Goldilocks" models, which provide the best all-around protection for inexperienced drivers like teenagers.

The report says some families may want to give their teen a newer-model car should it have emergency braking technology while the parents drive the older car.

"As parents, we can't control what happens on the road once our teen driver pulls out of the driveway," Stockburger added. "But we do have some say in the type of vehicle they drive, and that can make a huge difference. This list can help parents to easily find vehicles that check all the boxes."

For the complete list of which vehicles to choose for teen drivers, Consumer Reports has all the details on the best used cars and the best new cars for teens.

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