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El Dorado County officials urge safe burning practices after multiple vegetation fires in May

El Dorado County officials urge safe controlled burning practices
El Dorado County officials urge safe controlled burning practices 01:54

EL DORADO COUNTY — El Dorado County fire officials want to remind you of safe burning methods as several vegetation fires have popped up this past month.

Cal Fire's Amador-El Dorado Unit said its crews have responded to more than 20 vegetation fires since the beginning of May, some of which were caused by escape debris burns.

Lucas Shepherd, a prevention specialist for the El Dorado County Fire Protection District, said we are currently in burn season, meaning you can obtain a permit online to do so legally.

"You have 10 feet of clearance all the way around your pile down to bare minimum soil, and that's so the fire can't track out," he said. "It's not going to start getting into places that we don't want it to go."

He also said the maximum pile can only be four feet in diameter—no household trash or garbage burning, and only burn on safe weather days.

"The most important requirement is that you have an adult in attendance with an approved water source and a tool," Shepherd said.

Shepherd said that following all of these rules, no matter how long you have lived in the area, can help avoid a potentially catastrophic situation.

"With that clearance, a smaller pile, appropriate fuel in there and somebody paying attention with tools, that really sets you up for success," he said.

Carla Hass, deputy chief administrative officer for El Dorado County, released a statement that said, in part:

"The burn permit system is a lifeline for our environment and our communities. When individuals adhere to air quality open burning permit requirements, they become partners in a collective effort to protect our homes, health and natural surroundings."

You can find more information about obtaining a burn permit by clicking here.

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