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Sacramento's Oak Park Neighborhood Seeing Revitalization

By Kelly Ryan

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento's Oak Park neighborhood was once one of the most popular neighborhoods in Sacramento with local shops and businesses within walking distance from homes.

Then Oak Park experienced a downturn as many businesses and homeowners left. Now the neighborhood south and east of Downtown Sacramento is experiencing a revitalization.

An old building will soon house a new space, home to a new taqueria run by Dave Shnetz and his Bay Area restaurateur brother Tom.

"We love the character of the area, it's just something, it's a unique area," he said.

The brothers grew up in Land Park. Tom went on to open five top restaurants in the Bay Area, also in areas going through revitalization.

Maritza Davis also wanted to be part of the initial changes to Oak Park.

"We have everything from kids items to housewares, men's and women's clothing, jewelry and great accessories," she said.

Almost a year ago, she opened up shot and saw Oak Park as an opportunity.

"There's a lot of great families and diversity here so that was really important to us in opening this store," she said.

She says the perception of Oak Park is changing.

"We're starting to see people coming in from all over to this area saying wow I was afraid to come here before but now I'm really excited," she said.

In the 1900s, Oak Park was economically thriving. The future taqueria was once a butcher shop and the family that owned it lived next door. BUt the area began to decline in the 1960s.

Now, along with retail and restaurants, there are new condos and townhomes. All bringing an economic boost to the area that many say is just beginning.

The taqueria is slated to open in February.

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