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Sacramento woodworkers aim to make Christmas special for kids in need

Sacramento woodworkers aim to make Christmas special for kids in need
Sacramento woodworkers aim to make Christmas special for kids in need 02:13

SACRAMENTO — Some local craftsmen are trying to brighten the holidays for disadvantaged kids.

From wooden planes and piggy banks to a game of Go Fish, volunteers with the Sacramento Area Woodworkers organization are trying to make Christmas a little extra special for kids in need.

You won't find these items in any store. Each piece is handcrafted by local carpenters.

"It's just trying to imagine what [kids] would like and that's what gives us the warm and fuzzies," said Andrew Volk with Sacramento Area Woodworkers.

The woodworkers spend months making more than 3,000 toys and then give them to the Salvation Army.

"These kids that are going to get these toys aren't going to get a lot of toys, so I want them to have a toy that's going to be worth having," said Steve Bockman with Sacramento Area Woodworkers.

Major Rio Ray with the Salvation Army said old-fashioned wooden toys are still appreciated by today's youth.

"I think when they actually have something in their hand to play with, it's actually better, and you'll find that those kids, when all of a sudden the phone battery has died, they go back to those cars and those toys and their imagination grows from it," Ray said.

Ray says there's a growing need for these types of donations.

"Families that may not have struggled at one point now are thinking, 'What can I do for my kid at Christmas?" Ray said.

It's an annual effort to bring joy to kids with items that can be cherished and last a lifetime.

Andrew volk - sacramento area woodworkers

"Parents say, 'Oh, this is too good to play with,' and we say, 'No, no, no. That's what the point is.' Use it. It's not meant to be looked at. It's meant to be played with," Volk said.

The Sacramento Area Woodworkers say they are always looking for more volunteers, and the Salvation Army said parents can still reach out if they need help this holiday season.

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