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UPDATE: Sacramento Woman Found Guilty In Husband's Death

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Shajia Ayobi first claimed her husband, Ghulam, was the victim of a carjacking. Later she claimed the CIA had a role in his death.

Jurors reached a guilty verdict against the Sacramento woman on Wednesday, a day after the judge instructed them to continue deliberations.

"It has been out of this world, out of imaginary, what she put us through and her family, and her poor kids and my uncle," said Farzana Sanatyar, Ghulam-Ayobi's niece.

In December of 2011, Shajia Ayobi told detectives her husband was the victim of a fatal carjacking. When detectives found no such carjacking had occurred, they charged her with murder.

"This was very difficult indeed." said jury foreman Matthew Smalley. "A lot of people in the jury had to wrestle with a lot of very difficult facts. And we were particularly concerned for the children. There is a family that has been devastated by this event.

The jury did not find that she pulled the trigger. There is a second suspect, Jake Clark, who was arrested in connection with this case whose trial is ongoing.

He says he's an innocent man. He met Shajia Ayobi while studying criminal justice at Kaplan College. He said they became friends, but he claims in 2011 she approached him about killing someone for money—her husband Ghulam.

"Calm as an iceberg, real calm. She was chill about it, like she had the conversation before," Clark said in a jailhouse interview with CBS13. "'I have a problem and I need it taken care of. A friend of mine, her husband is molesting and beating his daughter and his wife.' And at that point, I could kind of see where that is going and she offered me $10,500. I told her no."

But court documents tell a different story, showing the two met face-to-face a day before the murder. His DNA was on a black bag that police found containing the murder weapon and the victim's ID.

But despite this evidence, he denies being involved.

"I have no reason to lie about this," Clark said. "I was going to Kaplan to do something with my life and I was going to get my criminal justice degree so I could do something with my life."

Clark's next court date is later this month. His trial is separate from Ayobi's.

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