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Sacramento Suit Designer Gets Shoutout From Grammys Red Carpet

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — All eyes are on a local suit designer who got a big mention on the red carpet before Sunday's Grammy Awards.

Ryan Douglas Hammond styles some local celebrities, including the state's lawmakers. His showroom has been designing high-end pieces for two years, and on Sunday, it got its red carpet moment.

The shoutout from members of two-time Grammy nominee Royal Tailor opened a lot of doors for the Sacramento suit tailor.

Hammond is both a stylist and a drummer. He met the Christian band at a music event a few years ago.

"They did mention my suits when they were interviewed three years ago," he said.

But this time, their getup stole the show, from bold maroon to plaid, to pure silk inner lining, down to the "Grammys 2015" embroidered on the collar.

It may be Hammond's celebrity moment, but he's no stranger to big names. He styles Sacramento Kings President Chris Granger, Taro Arai of Mikuni Sushi and movers and shakers at the state Capitol.

Hammond worked his way from the bottom up, beginning his journey designing jackets for friends.

There's much more ahead for Hammond, including a brand-new women's line to debut at Sacramento Fashion Week this month. His suits start at around $800.

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