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Sacramento Sucker Punched By Record-Breaking Heatwave

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -- Jesse Esparza, an 11-year-old from Courtland, knows the best way to escape the weekend heat is to hit the water.

"Heck yeah, it's hot like jalapenos," laughed Esparza, when asked about the heat.

He and his family were among the hundreds who headed to Discovery Park along the American River over the weekend.

Many were seeking temporary relief from the heat. Saturday and Sunday's temperatures broke records dating back to 1877.

"It's ridiculous. And it's been that way all season. But you know what...after the rain season we just went through, I appreciate it!" said Roman White of Sacramento, adding some perspective on this end of summer heat wave, as he spent the day on the river with family and friends.

But for others like Bryan McCarthy, who made it out from Davis with his wife and son, he says the hotter the better.

"I love it, man! I love the heat. And I am sure a lot of other people down here are trying to get away from (the heat). But I embrace it! I love it!" he said.

The Chavez family are also used the hot temperatures being that they are originally from Arizona.

"This is nothing. It's beautiful out here," said Jude Chavez, who now lives with his family in Sacramento.

Even they know the record heat requires some extra precautions, like staying hydrated and extra sun screen -- something to keep in mind with record-setting temperatures continuing into the rest of the week.

But as the sun, along with the excessive heat, sunset on the river, the record-breaking temperatures still weren't enough to put a stop on last weekend of summer.

"Safety first, the life jackets and the wraps that we need for safety. But then of course, (it's) food, family and fun!" said White.

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