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Mess Along Sacramento River In Sutter County Has Recreation Area Looking Like 'Dumping Grounds'

SUTTER COUNTY (CBS13) — It's a nasty sight along the Sacramento River in Sutter County.

People like Jason Cooper are so fed up he posted a video of the mess on Facebook. You can see a growing homeless encampment, piles of trash and even broken down vehicles left along the river bank.

"They're polluting the whole water, the whole area out here just causing a bunch of mess," one local farmer told CBS13.  He didn't want his name disclosed publicly for fear of retaliation.

Allyson Seconds founded Sacramento Picks It Up, organizing clean-up efforts along the waterways.

"The rivers run into the ocean.  It's not just a localized issue.  Your trash gets in the water and we don't know where it's going to show up. It's going to show up somewhere," said Seconds.

Sutter County Administrator Steve Smith says County officials are just as frustrated.

"Recently the county has had really strong efforts on the Feather River on the east side of the county where we cleaned up similar areas that were either dumping grounds or looked like camping areas for transient individuals," said Smith.

Smith tells CBS13 not only is the county making it a mission to clean up the river banks, but they've also expanded housing options to find housing for those living along the river.

"We're harassed from spot to spot.  We have nowhere to go," said Charles McNeal, who lives along the river.   "I would cry but I didn't even cry when my parents died.  But I feel targeted.  I mean, man, just give us some time, you know?"

McNeal says they're not to blame.  But in an effort to clean up the area, Smith says the county will be fair and firm to get the area cleared out.

"If people are out there they should know that we are coming out there to get the area cleaned up, that we're not going to tolerate that on behalf of the public that we want to get it cleaned up," said Smith.

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